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June 2015

June Working Party.
A design review meeting between Paul and Dave a couple of weeks ago highlighted a number of tasks which we need to be getting on with. One of those is to complete the initial machining of the lateral horns on the locomotive axleboxes, leaving just the more complex machining to be carried out by a third party.
Since the axleboxes and bearings are on the critical path, Andrew and Dave therefore decided that it would be most productive to spend the two days of the June Working Party carry this work out. After a slow start, whilst deciding the best way of tackling the task, the rate of progress increased and by the end of the weekend three and a half of the nine axleboxes had been dealt with.
On Sunday morning Dave asked Sam and James to investigate the best way of mounting the magnetic base drill on the locomotive frames to drill out the suspension pillar guides. Several of these holes have worn oval, and it had been decided to drill them oversize and bush the holes. It seemed like a jig would be needed to mount the drill on, and possibly that the frames would need to be turned over too. However, on closer inspection, Sam spotted that the holes have already been fitted with bushes. This will save us a lot of work, as we now just need to renew the bushes.
James turned up a drift which engages in the end of the existing suspension pillar guide bushes, to enable them to be pushed out. Initial efforts suggest that the bushes are well located, i.e. they didn't move when we hit them with a hammer! We will look at this task again at the next working party, i.e. we'll try hitting them with a bigger hammer!
While the magnetic base drill was in the C2 shed, James and Sam used it to ream out the rear spring hanger location holes. The rear springs are held by hangers which pass through deep holes in the frame and can be adjusted by means of nuts on the underside (see the work on cleaning the threads in the Autumn 2014 report). The holes in the frames were similarly corroded, and have now been cleaned up.
There is still much work to do, but we have a rolling chassis firmly in our sights now.
Machining the loco axlebox horn guides - Andrew Nelms 28/06/2015
The Beast of Boston Lodge outside the locker room. - Andrew Nelms 28/06/2015
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