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Christmas - New Year, December 2013
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Christmas - New Year, December 2013

Working Party over the Christmas to New Year period 2013

Christmas - New Year, December 2013

During December

The frames arrived back from the grit blasting company in primer. To give maximum protection from corrosion, Andrew and Emily immediately gave them an overall coat of paint. Because of the complex structure, the frames have a surprisingly large surface area, which meant the task took several days to complete.

December working party

Sam, Paul and Andrew applied another layer of paint to the frames. They are beginning to look very smart (the frames that is, there's no hope for Sam, Paul and Andrew!). Thanks go to Norman for allowing us to carry out the painting in the warmth of the carriage works.

Chris taught Dave how to use one of the milling machines in the works, and Dave spent the next four days machining the axleboxes. The modification to the oil port required machining away the oil manifold block in the top reservoir. Where weld repairs had been carried out to the front face of some of the axleboxes, these were machined flat. A similar exercise was carried out on the suspension spigot seats. Paul and Chris drilled two holes in the rear of each axlebox to enable us to fit drains to the bottom of the oil reservoirs.

Andrew and Dan started giving the axlebox oil trays a thorough clean, and carried out repairs to any damage. Dave gave those trays which had been completed a coat of primer.

The axleboxes are being converted to oil the journals from underneath rather than the current top feed. - C Veitch. December 2013
The mounting points for srping hangers which have worn have been built up with weld and machined back to give the correct dimension. - C Veitch. December 2013
Sam adds more paint to the frames. More coats are needed yet. - D Hatt. December 2013