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August Bank Holiday 2015

News from the August 2015 Bank Holiday Working Party
The August Bank Holiday weekend saw good progress being made on several fronts.
Paul devised a method of moving one of the cylinders outside the shed on a pallet truck. This enabled him to needle gun the outside of the cylinder casting to remove the grime that had accumulated on it. With the cylinder casting cleaned, it was painted in heat resistant paint. The size and complex shape of the casting meant it took several days to complete the task, but it now looks very smart. Next working party we'll work on the other cylinder.
The holes where the suspension pillars pass through the frames have previously been bushed, but are showing signs of severe wear (especially those above axle 1). Andrew therefore tasked himself with removing the bushes so that they can be replaced. Assisted by Ruth, and using a drift (made previously by James) driven by a large pneumatic rivet gun, the bushes remained firmly in place. It was a case of learning how to improve the tools and fixtures as the job progressed. Hardening the drift made a big difference, and cutting lengths of tube to hold everything in place was also found to be necessary. Robco lent us his air powered hacksaw to slot the inside of the bushes, which relieves some of the pressure holding them in. With these improvements, the bushes started to move. Further refinement of the dimensions of the drift sped up progress, and one by one the bushes were removed. The task was far from easy, but it is now done.
The lengths of angle for the tender horns had previously been cut to length, but require profiling. They are supposed to be made of 5" angle, but because this is now difficult to source, we found ourselves lumbered with metric section instead. Chris and Dave spent a couple of days using the large bandsaw to cut strips off the edges to reduce the section to the desired dimensions.
The tender horns also require a couple of angled cuts to remove certain corners. Unfortunately, because of the angles required and the size of the components, the job could not be carried out using the bandsaw. Jack assisted Dave in marking up the cuts to be made (including some radiused corners) and Dave then spent the next day and a half profiling the components with cutting and grinding disks. 12 of the 14 tender horns (we're making a couple of spares) are now profiled. The remaining two should not take long at the next working party.
For all the above tasks, Sam provided invaluable support by finding the tools and materials for us to use. It enabled the work to proceed quickly and efficiently, which makes a big difference to the productivity of a working party.
The first of the two cylinder blocks cleaned up and painted ready for the bores to be re-machined. - Paul Molyneux-Berry 31/08/2015
The first of the C2 cylinder blocks being cleaned up with the needle gun. - Paul Molyneux-Berry 30/08/2015
New tender axle box horns under manufacture in the C2 shed. - David Hatt 01/09/2015
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