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Turning the Loco Axles at Boston Lodge
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Turning the Loco Axles at Boston Lodge

An update from a hastily arranged, last minute but very productive working party

Turning the C2 Axles on the lathe at Boston Lodge - June 2014

With the push towards an rolling C2 chassis, Andrew and Dave decided at short notice to head back to Boston Lodge for the weekend of 28th/29th June to start machining the C2s axles. It has been decided that we will rough the axles out ourselves before handing them over to full time Boston Lodge skilled machinists to complete. As we are turning the new C2 axles down from standard gauge axles there is a lot of material to remove. We are as a result, saving ourselves around £1000 of skilled machinists time in removing this excess for them. The other option would have been to order new material for the axles which would be more the correct diameter in the first place. We have discounted this approach as the grade of steel we want (EA1) is not that easy to obtain.

Over the weekend we machined the diameter of the 4 locomotive axles down to just over size ready for the final machining. Each cut, down the length of the axle took about 20 minutes on the feed but we were cutting at 150 thou on the radius each cut. We managed to filled a 45 gallon drum over three quarters full with swarf chippings!

One locomotive axle is now cut to final length and with centres and ready for final machining. Three loco axles just need one end finishing off to remove the material where the chuck was and to add the turning centre at that end. We hope to complete the locomotive axles next week as Andrew is able to fit some time in on the lathe around driving trains. The tender axles will follow shortly after. They are longer (being mounted in outside frames) but there are only 3 of them.

A Dean Smith & Grace Lathe making steady work of turning standard gauge BT10 bogie (MKIII Carriage) axles down to size for the C2 locomotive. Here it is cutting at 150 thou on the radius but with each cut taking 20 minutes down the length of the axle it was a long weekend. - Andrew Nelms 28/06/2014
By the end of the weekend we have one roughed out axle ready for final turning between centres. 3 are nearly ready. - Andrew Nelms 29/06/2014
What the final axles will look like. - Andrew Nelms