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Loco Axles Completed

Completion of the new locomotive axles.
Early April 2015 saw the final completion of the locomotive axles by the skilled machinists at Boston Lodge. These are the last pieces of the wheel set jigsaw which needed completion before the wheel sets can be assembled.
The wheel set components are to be shipped to CMS-Cepcor (formerly Baguleys) for assembly. Time was spend on an impromptu visit to Boston Lodge packing all the pieces onto pallets ready for shipping.
The new locomotive axles standing by the horizontal borer at Boston Lodge having just had the keyways machined. - Andrew Nelms 18/04/2015
Close up of the new locomotive axles. - Andrew Nelms 18/04/2015
Snowdon framed by Linda and Blanche. - Andrew Nelms 18/04/2015
All the components of the locomotive wheel sets loaded ready to be shipped off for assembly at CMS-Cepcor. - Andrew Nelms 18/04/2015
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